Here we go again. We have a shooting at UCLA and everyone is like ARGHH NRA!!!

It’s a sad reality that people get shot, but things like this happen, unfortunately. BUT how do you deduce it to the NRA? What in the hell does the NRA have to do with this?

Now sit back, take a deep breath and ask yourself this. If somehow your wish of abolishing the NRA, removing the roughly 300 million guns in America, and disarming every citizen were to come to fruition, do you somehow think in your world of rainbows and unicorns, that magically this criminal would abide by your awesome progressive gun laws and wouldn’t of got his/her hand on a gun and done exactly what has just went down today?

Here are some idiotic tweets I am referring to:

Here’s a typical one

You have the “look at the other countries without taking into account anything whatsoever when comparing countries” point of view

Then you have the retards like Cenk with his dumb mock scenarios

And of course, “because we don’t have Hitler law, this will continue”

All the anti-gun people follow the logic of these people above. Now on the other side of the argument with my hypothetical question above, you do have the God given rights in America to bear arms, so why is it such a crazy idea to end these gun-free zones?

Criminals don’t (and won’t) follow your stupid laws that you want enacted. Remember this key point. I know I am not going to change your mind by saying this repeatedly but I don’t think anti-gun folks really assess this key point. Make all the laws you want, criminals will still shoot your face.

Luckily, we do have people with a head on their should like Dana Loesch