Ever since the end of 2015, every day Canadians can file parliamentary petitions online, which also means they can view and sign their support electronically.

Under this new system, the criteria for a petition to be tabled in Parliament is that he must get minimum 500 signatures and be sponsored by an MP (Member of Parliament).

No one really has any clue why it’s restricted, but most seem to conclude that it’s “black and scary looking” is the most popular answer. There are many unrestricted guns that are semi-auto and use the same ammo that are unrestricted, but the scary AR is restricted. Go figure.

With that backstory, now onto the real story…

So early January 2016 a gentleman from Corner Brook, NFLD started a petition about the current legislation when it comes to the classification of the semi-automatic rifle, the AR-15 (and it’s variants) as a restricted firearm, and how it’s inherently no different than thousands of other firearms which are classified as non-restricted in Canada.

This petition received over 25,000 signatures and was sponsored by MP Bob Zimmer, from British Columbia. There’s at least one smart politician in Canada!


Below is a copy of the email after the petition expired on May 7, 2016:


According to the email above, the petition was presented in the House of Commons and according to the rules of the new online petitions the government is required to provide a written response, posted online, within 45 days. Now since this is such a “scary gun” and there is a Liberal government in power, I don’t expect it to go anywhere and the AR variants will more than likely stay restricted.

I can hear them now. SANDY HOOK!! Ok folks say no more, it’s settled, it stays restricted.

Regardless, we’ll await ~June 27th and see what happens. But when you have Liberal MPs pushing for stricter gun control, I don’t think Canadian gun owners will be expecting that they’ll be able to transport their AR’s without an ATT anytime soon.

Here’s video from the station CKPG-TV in Prince George, BC covering the story.