Ahhhh Germany, another day, another assault. Or 26, who’s counting.

In the inflamed debate, far-right groups railed against “sex jihadists” and “rapefugees”.

That’s my favorite quote from this article released on the Express Tribune

Far-right group? Well if ‘far right’ is being someone that doesn’t want their women raped and assaulted by Islamic men, then sure, sign me up for a membership.

Listen feminists, if you wanna beat your chests and go on (and on and on) about rape culture, Exhibit A (again). These Islamic men think that if you’re not dressed in a tent that you’re teasing them ergo justifies them raping you.

So leftists, you do have a rape culture to scream about and it’s taking place in Europe, as we speak, more often than not in Germany.

And Britain, even though you’re in rough shape as it is with migrants, here’s a great reason why you should Brexit. You know, those open borders and threats of £200,000 if you don’t accept rapefugees refugees.

… but you know, tolerance.