Oh Buzzfeed, like you know like, listen here ok, like ok.

OH MY GOD! So, your argument like, is like, umm … I don’t know like, ok?

Where did you find these faggy, left-wing, feminists? It’s people like these that are the reason the majority of Canadians are in the position we are with Madam Trudeau, we have these `things` voting for like, how a person looks, and like if they like tranny’s or not. Who cares about policies, security and any other boring thing. Cause you know, feelings.

Full disclosure, I’m Canadian, have been my whole life; still am.

So you make a video stating “What Canadians want to say about Trump”, and the first screen is this :

Turns out, surprise surprise, you literally know zero things. Watch the video yourselves:

If you were smart and didn’t waste your time, this is “what these Canadians know”.
– He has terrible hair
– Angry, orange orangutan
– You know, he’s scary, he’s actually really scary
– He’s like racist (giggles)
– Young-ish people think it’s a joke
– Maybe American’s are too used to reality TV.
– He’s like Rob Ford and this election feels similar
– As a Canadian, they are surprised
– If you plan on moving to Canada, it won’t solve your problem, cause like you know, he’s next door

And then they close out by saying “Dear American’s, make sure you vote ’cause your vote counts” and “if you need us, we’re there for you, good luck”.

Ok so with that said, we got some pretty damning evidence about this scary orange man. Seriously though, why did you even publish this video? The majority of Canadians know absolutely zilch about American politics, hence the primary argument is he’s a scary racist orange man, so let’s break this video down.

He is an orange orangutan looking man with terrible hair, who is an angry, really scary, and of course racist. Well you got me convinced, that surely is a solid argument, I have no rebuttal. What is wrong with you leftists? You really do live inside a bubble and have no idea what goes on in the real world. You’re also pulling out all the stops with the Rob Ford comparison. Really?

Rob Ford was one of the most impactful people to operate the city of Toronto in decades. You immediately dismiss everything that the man did politically and your argument is like omg, he did crack at a party. Who gives a shit, don’t tell me you didn’t tie one on at a party once or twice you dummies.

One of my favorite parts of your video were those saying “Get out and vote, your vote counts”. Umm, like, we know. Do you not realize that Trump received the most votes (EVER) in GOP history after the May 17th primary in Oregon, going over 11 million votes? Oh sorry, GOP means Grand Old Party, a.k.a The Republicans.

Do you also realize that after Oregon there is 6 more primaries? One in which already happened in Washington on May 24th, and yes you guessed it, Trump won that one in a landslide too. So yes Americans, take the word of your retarded neighbors to the North and keep doing what you do, vote vote vote!

And just note, no American is moving to Canada. If any do, it will be land whales like Rosie O’Donnell and rapey people like Lena Dunham, no one in America is really concerned if the bottom of the barrel pack up and leave.

So tip to you millennial’s, stop watching our government funded left-wing CBC, and when you’re done watching that, stop watching CNN. If you only like, get like one side of the argument, you’ll always be like this stupid as you like demonstrated in this pathetic video.