I cannot even put into words how much I loathe the mainstream media, and how “you people” keep misquoting and exaggerating truths is simply fascinating. Of course it’s only done with Trump’s words, this time the comments in regards to the Mexican judge in the Trump University case, Gonzalo Curiel.

I know it gets blown up way more than it should because yes, he is running for the highest office of the land. But here is an example doing a quick search about a case a few years back, I screen grabbed first paragraph. The reason why I show this example is because all left leaning media outlets use statements such as, “Trump can’t be serious to think that someone of an ‘ethnic background he’s offended’, can’t be neutral in the case”.

source: NYTimes

So yes, it’s not far fetched, it does happen.

Now of course, unless there is damning proof, Trump’s lawyers cannot try to recuse Curiel without risking being sanctioned, but that’s not what’s going on here. We all know Trump will say what he’s thinking, he’s not PC, that’s no secret. All Trump is saying is that everyone knows this case should of been thrown out, especially after the woman who brought this case forward walked away.

Here’s the Trump (and Trump supporter) point of view. Bear in mind that you have an Obama appointed, Trump hating, Hillary supporting, Mexican heritage Judge presiding over the case, and the vast majority of people reporting this news to you is #NeverTrump. Then there’s all these claims about his affiliation with `La Raza`. You can take away what you will about that, but it’s essentially a pro-illegal immigrant organization if I had to try and summarize.

Trump said that the Judge hates Donald Trump, really hates him. When speaking with Jeanine Pirro, from Fox News, explaining why he feels the Judge hates him, he says he thinks it’s because of his Mexican HERITAGE and because of the fact that he wants to build a wall.

In another interview, one of the biggest pricks on television, Jake Tapper, pushes the point “Well he’s an American”, but Trump wasn’t taking the bait and reiterated about his Mexican heritage. Trump knows Curiel isn’t a born and bred Mexican, he knows he was born in Indiana. I have European heritage, I can confirm I was not born anywhere in the Eastern Hemisphere.

Even Trump supporter, Newt Gingrich, whined about it by regurgitating the guy being an American. Trump didn’t say a damn thing about him not being an American.

Then Tapper pushes him saying “well he’s an American” and once again he reiterated “Mexican heritage”, the wall, blah blah blah. Judge for yourself and watch below:

At the end of the day, I don’t care if Trump University was a fraud, I don’t care if Judge Curiel is a pro-illegal immigrant La Raza member, it’s has nothing to do with my point. My point is, how do people jump to the conclusion of some person saying that they think another person is biased because of their Mexican heritage is racist?

Oh and being “Mexican” is a Nationality, not a race. Why wasn’t everyone called a racist when Ted Cruz was being called a Canadian?

… move on people.