Guns …..

Yes, I know guns can seem scary since main stream media has shoved that idea down your throat your entire life but I cannot for the life of me understand politicians. Canada gun laws are strict, yes, but when you see the below tweet which is about further restricting Canadians, it just resurfaced my rage.

Sounds innocent enough, but lets put more context to this tweet. The Bill she mentions that she re-tabled (10 days before her mandatory retirement) was Bill S-223. Today there are three different gun categories which are Unrestricted, Restricted and Prohibited.

To give a basic idea, Unrestricted is pretty much shotguns and semi-autos, restricted is all handguns, and prohibited are things such as the AK47. Of course there is more to each but I am just giving you an idea of what could fall in these categories.

Here’s the Liberals wording of what this Bill consists of:

This enactment amends the Firearms Act to tighten the rules governing the transportation of firearms that are not hunting firearms. It also replaces the concept of firearms registration with that of firearms inscription and restricts the locations where firearms subject to an inscription certificate must be kept.

It also amends the Criminal Code to make changes to the definitions relating to firearms, by defining hunting firearm, amending the definition prohibited firearm and replacing the definition restricted firearm with that of circumscribed firearm.

What this Bill will do is rename restricted to “circumscribed” and then basically restrict every weapon other than a narrow range of hunting firearms. So then you’d be looking at all the semi-autos being restricted/prohibited (except .22’s).

The Senator would then of course go on to spew some American gun `statistics` without actually explaining them, since that’s now what leftists do (we’ll get into gun crime stats in another post). Everyone, including Democrats in the States, always throw these numbers out at you but they never explain what these numbers consist of. And yes you guessed it, these numbers are usually misleading.

Whether you are pro or against guns, I cannot for the life of me comprehend why law abiding gun owners have to be penalized for the actions of CRIMINALS. Criminals do not abide by these laws, or really law in general.

These elected officials, one Bill at a time, make law abiding citizens defenceless. I know concealed carry will never happen in Canada, but what about pepper spray? A lot of people don’t even realize that pepper spray is illegal in Canada too! So have fun with that rape ladies, your government doesn’t even allow you to carry a 1/2 oz aerosol canister in your purse.