It’s finally June and by the end of the month we’ll know if Britain remains in the EU or not.

I know I’m an outsider looking in, sure, but there is no reason I can see that Britons should vote to stay. If anything, vote to leave based on immigration alone. The country is already gone to hell with Muslim immigration, why make it worse?

Britain loses billions of pounds a year in fees to the EU and what do you get in return? Yes you’re right, next to nothing. To those that want to stay, no, you won’t lose your ‘status’ in the world. You’ll be applauded for leaving that mess, which is the EU.

I have to say I like where the polls are going lately.

If I have any advice, don’t listen to the media, corporations and people like David Cameron and his government ilk. These people are all about dollar bills and power, and don’t give a shit about the every day Brit. These people will push the narrative that it’s better to stay, right up to the dying seconds on June 23rd.

If you have 3 minutes to spare, watch this video that will give you the main talking points about why you should leave the EU. It cuts through all the boring stuff and gives it to you on a silver platter.

… and if you have an hour to spare, watch the #Brexit movie if you haven’t already.

You’ll never have a chance like this again in your lifetime, don’t throw it away by voting to stay!