Thirty one genders you say? To put this bluntly, this is getting out of control. There is only two genders, always have been, always will be. Okay? Okay.

If you’re curious, you can click here to view this list on the NYC government website.

Oh and if you’re a business owner, you have to accept this madness unless you want to be hit with a fine that could be up to $250,000 for knowingly using the wrong pronouns when referring to a customer or employee?!?! Wow, just wow.

For those that think this is normal, let us look at some other examples and ask yourself, are these examples also acceptable?

First up, the North Carolina woman who “blinded herself to fulfill a life long dream of being blind.” Do you think that is normal? This woman clearly has a mental illness but instead of helping her, a sympathetic psychologist poured drain cleaner in her eyes.

Next, how about this Canadian man in his 50’s who was married with 7 children and left his wife to live as a transgender 6 YEAR OLD! He realized he was transgender when he was 46. Oh and the answer is no if you ask me to refer to these lunatics as the gender they “identify as”. I did learn something from this though; 6 year olds can be snow plow drivers and kiss fully grown men with beards who ride Harleys. Who knew!

Let’s do one more. We have here a Norwegian woman in her 20’s that identifies as a cat. This special snowflake says she was a cat her whole life, but only clued in when she was 16. She’s the whole package too, even hisses at dogs!

The point to showing the above examples is because if you think a man can be a woman, and vice versa, you also believe that these nuts can be a blind, 6 year old cat. When you force society to be acceptable of these peoples’ delusions, you have to also accept the slippery slope that comes with it. You honestly can’t watch any of those above videos and not immediately know that these people are mentally unhealthy.

Would you tell an anorexic person that they are fat? No you wouldn’t because you’d be encouraging their illness. Literally no different.

My favorite phrase when the “acceptable ones” talk about this subject is they say “the gender they were assigned at birth”. I’m sorry to burst your bubble but they aren’t “assigned”. Have a wiener? You’re a boy; simple. You cut it off, still a boy, probably inevitable to be suicidal, but still a boy. But now what you’re left with is a wound that you’ll have to keep opening because that stupid body of yours knows it’s a wound and it’ll continue to try and close itself, because science…

Before closing, watch one more video of this Swedish reporter set up these college kids who defend transgenders to then annihilate their stance using the examples above (and more).