Like, what was that now Harriet Harman?? hahahaha

The Kardashians are “brave and pioneering” because they take selfies in the bathroom with their tata’s exposed? That’s all it takes to be “brave” now? I just can’t even continue this article.

“There’s a kind of bravery and pioneering spirit in them.”, said Harman

The conclusion I came to is this. If you go to a photo shoot and have your picture taken nude, you’re `controlled by the man`. If you take your iPhone to the bathroom and take a picture, you’re brave and empowering to woman.

She defends Kimmy for her nudies, but described The Sun’s – Page 3 Girls as “fodder”.

Harmen was one of the loudest critics that brought the end of The Sun’s – Page 3 Girls. You know, male editors producing eye candy for its readers. I’m assuming these men drove up to women on the streets, drugged them and put bags over their heads, and brought them to an undisclosed location to three pics of their boobies. These women of course did not make the decision themselves to do the shoot.

Anyways, make your own conclusion and watch this mental take of the Kardashians by Harriet Harmen.

In closing, NO, Kimmy K is not brave for showing her bewbs! #FeminismIsCancer