To be clear, I did read a good chunk of this pile of crap but I only want to talk about the first few paragraphs. Oh, here’s the pile of crap.

Now lets discuss this lefty’s views. The primary point of the article written was not focused on these black deaths caused at the hands of these savage white cops, no, it was because these left-wing people always make sure to set the stage with lies to fit the narrative of their story by leaving out the actual facts.

Right out of the gates is the `deaths of black men with no explanation`; facts omitted. People like this, in this case Howard W. French, just make it seem like it’s an open and shut case of whitey killing the black man for sport.

Let’s tackle the first mentioned, Eric Garner:

We’re told he was unarmed, wrestled to the ground and choked; died. Oh and the white cop only did that cause he’s black, of course. That’s it, that’s your opening paragraph and that’s it. Nothing more, nothing less.

Here are some major things Howard must of `just forgot` to tell the readers.

– First and foremost, he clearly resisted arrest. Listen, I too believe that someone selling “loosies” (loose cigarettes) shouldn’t be ending up dead, I get that, but the story is that Garner just finished breaking up a fight which drew attention to him and when words got heated he was asked to put his hands behind his back and the resisting began. The outcome would of been a whole lot different if Garner just complied with the cops and not resisted. Know why he didn’t listen? It’s because of idiots like this author that keep writing these retarded articles about race divide and that the white man is out hunting blacks.

– Secondly, he died in the ambulance of a cardiac arrest. What you’re not telling anyone is that he has severe health problems. Not only being 350 lbs, he suffered from heart disease, severe asthma, diabetes, obesity and sleep apnea. Unfortunately police don’t get health records before apprehending someone.

– Just like every other headline death that makes the news because of the thuggery of #BlackLivesMatters, the victim usually has a police record the length of my arm, or longer, actually commits a crime, and most likely doesn’t comply with the authorities. In this case, Eric Garner had a record stretching back into the 1980’s. He was already busted in the past for selling untaxed cigarettes, thefts and assaults; in summary a criminal.

Now listen, I don’t think anyone should of died from selling cigarettes, but there is literally no evidence to suggest that this was racially motivated. As of the stupid crime, blame the Mayor for enforcing these petty acts as crime and not blame the police for doing their job.

Let’s move on to our next race baiting case. Michael Brown.

All you basically say here is, another black man hunted for sport by whitey. You do bring up that he didn’t have an unblemished life by saying he shoplifted before his demise and smoked pot. And again, that’s it. That’s the story of Michael Brown.

The media played this as a story of a black person man-handling the clerk at the store, smoking weed and being shot. Of course he didn’t deserved to be shot, but again, tell the whole story and stop making it seem like he was only shot for the color of his own skin, so the officer could skin him and make a new rug for laying around the fireplace!

And now to all the things that are crucial to the reader.

– He was pulled over for walking about in the middle of the street and Officer Wilson was telling him to get off the road and go onto the sidewalk.

– After pulling him over, Office Wilson tried to get out of his car but Brown shut the door and attempted to go through the driver side window and reached for the Officer’s gun which caused the first gun fire to go off by Wilson. Brown ran, Wilson chased and then Brown turned around and started to approach Wilson. The final shots ring out then.

– How about the autopsy? Yah, that proved his hands were not up #HandsUpDontShoot.

– Watch this video done by a black man Jonathan Capehart at WP also.

“Brown never surrendered with his hands up, and Wilson was justified in shooting Brown.”, says Capehart

Let’s move on and wrap this up with one more, that innocent little 12-year old, Tamir Rice.

The story: a black kid with a toy gun, white police literally come out of nowhere and slaughter him because of his black skin.

And again, lets tell the readers some things that you should of brought up.

– First of all, lets put this right here and get this out of the way. Which is the fake one again?

– It would be ridiculous if police officers were bound by law to wait and see if a gun is real or not. The kid was emulating being a thug by waving the weapon, he was pointing it at people walking by, puts the gun in waste-band.

Oh yah, here’s the actual footage of what I just said:

– The kid was reported, cops arrive, HE DREW HIS WEAPON FROM HIS WAISTBAND, and was shot.

In closing…

Stop playing the race card for every single person shot in the streets. Maybe focus on the problem with black on black crime in America (yah true story, it’s a thing)?

Don’t take what I am saying out of context, I am not condoning the death of anyone nor do I think it’s some wonderful thing that these people in the above cases were shot. I only want to make it clear that these ARE NOT race issues, but again, the media feeding the public the narrative they want.

Do your own research; draw your own conclusions, but never leave all your thoughts be determined by what CNN tells you.

I only talked about the beginning of this article in The Guardian, but if you read on, this lunatic goes on to tell more lies about the GOP candidates “pandering to white people using racial themes”. Here’s a cute quote from the article :

Early on, I was bluntly reproached by an editor for bringing the uptown murder of a black person by another black person to his attention, as if I didn’t know that these were “penny crimes”, in his words, meaning things that could never rise to the level of interest of New York Times …

Little tip Howie, it’s the same reason why a suicide bomb going off in Pakistan only hits the airwaves for 5 minutes. It’s so common that it’s not news. Fix the black on black crime and then, maybe someday, it’ll be newsworthy. What’s newsworthy now is that blacks disproportionately kill people, mostly other blacks, and there’d be never enough time to report it all.

This post became lenghty, but my point was to call you out on using those 3 deaths to set the the stage for you bullshit story, but here’s a redirect to an article with a bunch of statistics.