Well fivethirtyeight.com never seems to upset. Here’s the latest Headline about concussions with women in sports:

Women Get Sports Concussions At Higher Rates Than Men

All woman are equal!!!

That actually seems logical until you start reading it, and things start to pop out at you right away:

“Some researchers have wondered whether women and girls are simply more likely to report their symptoms than men and boys are. “It’s a sexist way to say that they’re not as tough,” said Katherine Price Snedaker, executive director of Pink Concussions, an organization that is seeking answers to how concussions affect women and girls.”

… Pink Concussions. So the takeaway here, a feminist organization.

Listen, you can pound your chest all day about being equal in everything in life, but it will never change the fact that men are stronger than woman and built differently than women. No it’s not because she runs to the Coach more often and says she has a headache and is dizzy after she got ran over by a land whale during her rugby match. You’re not built the same as men; on the whole, you’re weaker than men. No I am not referring to literally every woman on the planet, but yes, the vast majority.

Another part from this fantastic article:

“Researchers are just starting to look for explanations for these differences, but hormones probably play some role, Snedaker said, because gender differences in concussions seem to emerge around puberty, when hormone levels change. Researchers at the University of Rochester School of Medicine and Dentistry have found that mild traumatic brain injuries heal less quickly when sustained during certain phases of the menstrual cycle, and they’ve proposed that the difference may come down to progesterone levels.

But here’s my favorite part:

Another proposed explanation, Bauman said, is that because women tend to have less neck strength than males, their necks aren’t as able to stabilize the head after they’ve been hit, resulting in more “sloshing” as the brain shifts in the skull.

So what you’re saying is, is that men and women are not equal?