All I have to say about the death of Cecil the lion is the media and society are absolutely retarded with their explosive reactions.

Do people really have to go absolutely crazy, where now this doctor is allegedly in hiding? Who gives a shit that this animal was killed by some Dentist. Oh, I know, because he had a GPS collar and the media made you think that way. Why are you mad? Tell me the underlying reason. Yes, you answered it, because the media made it a big thing.

Animals are killed and slaughtered every single second, but for some reason we have an outrage that Cecil is hunted and now dead; Cecil was 13. The average age of a lion is 10-14 years and he would be considered senescent, or in layman terms, well past the normal breeding age for a male lion.

Now, let me tell you this after giving my introduction to this topic. I hate the fact of hunting animals and I would never in a million years consider it. My eyes will water if I see a video showing the death of an animal at the hands of a human. If someone I know is a hunter, whether it be a duck or a moose, I ask them why. So don’t think for a second that I don’t think it’s crazy to spend 50k to go kill a lion, because I do.

But listen to this. There are species of Tuna that are critically endangered and they are hunted regularly. There are places in this world, reportedly such as Tokyo, that will spend outrages amounts of money to get their hands on one. Why aren’t we in outrage about the Tuna? Well, because we constantly eat it and couldn’t give a sh*t about a fish and something that lives in water and we don’t witness. Most people actually don’t even realize that a Tuna is huge and think it’s just another thing swimming around like the size of a salmon.

How about the many different species of dolphins that are endangered? At least, that I know of, 12 of the 40 or so species are endangered or critically endangered. No one thinks about these cute caged marine mammals that we play with in the tropical destinations, or the 20,000+ that are slaughtered each year from September to May in Japan. Then of course think about the things we devour everyday of our lives. Think about the cows, pigs and chickens that suffer every single day of their time on this planet just to feed you. Oh, and it’s worth to note that lions are not endangered (yet).

So why the hype? There really can’t be no other explanation other than whoever started reporting it in the media. Let’s put it this way. As reported by National Geographic in August of 2013, there is approximately 600 lions killed per year. So to work that out, we are looking at 1.66 lions getting murdered every single day. Why is it almost 2 years later (after that report) that we are in an uproar about Cecil when 1,200 of his peers were killed since Aug, 2013. Think about the fact that for National Geographic to come up with that number in 2013, they would have to base it on many years of data. For the sake of the argument, I’ll talk about the 1,200 lions in the past 2 years.

Quick answer, you’re all f#*!ed; get over it. There are an enormous amount of animals killed every single day because of us A-hole humans, or simply because we raise them to die for they can feed us. Just because a GPS tagged lion that the locals of Zimbabwe and tourists alike, made him a celebrity has died, doesn’t mean it’s an oddity that a lion is killed for game.

The Western world has way too much control over outrage. The people that eat lion burgers are out of their minds and shouldn’t kill such an animal, but we slaughter cows every day of our lives to have our burgers and it’s normal. It’s also been reported for years that restaurants in the US were serving lion burgers.

All I have to say is this. I don’t condone the murder of Cecil, nor any other animal that seems exotic to me. Maybe people from the countries in Africa don’t condone the murder of chickens, who knows. I don’t even condone the murder of a cow or a pig, but when it comes to it, I have to survive too. I know this story isn’t about survival, don’t get me wrong, but we slaughter animals every single day and no one other than PETA says boo. I know I personally won’t because I haven’t witnessed it; I want to eat. I personally am not going to be against what we do on this side of the world because I like meat, I eat meat every single day, and I love it. Am I going to go out with a bow and arrow and catch my own meal? No. Do I want to watch these animals I eat die for my survival? No. Do you give a sh*t that a lion rips apart a gazelle to survive? No. Again, I know we are not talking about survival and I know the head was cut off and the rest of his body was left to rot, I know this, but it’s no different.

In closing, my point is, we all die. Whether it be naturally or by murder. Animals that aren’t pets have no rights. We can kill them all day. Then we have animals that start to approach the endangered status and now magically they have rights and you’re in sh*t if you hurt one. If you’re past endangered, such as critically endangered, or extinct in the wild, well you may as well walk into the prison under your own will . FYI, lions are in a vulnerable status. Not endangered, not critically endangered, nor extinct in the wild. I’m not defending the Dentist who killed Cecil, I am just saying that we murder many other animals every single day that are classified as vulnerable and no one cares.